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A Partner You Can Count On

How many times have you faced the situation of bearing the bad news to a would-be client, just because of their credit problems? Few people outside of the financial industry realize how invested you become, how much you feel their disappointment.

As a financial professional, you spend a lot of time getting to know your clients, their hopes and dreams. You connect with them on a personal level while you try to help them get financing they need.

Then you’re forced to have the conversation that you dread: ”I’m sorry, we can’t help you. There are some issues with your credit.”

You’re stuck having to explain this to a devastated mother who’s fought for years to provide a good life for her family. Or an elderly couple seeking comfort in their twilight years. Or a young family who now face having to give up on the future they envisioned together.

What’s more, you’ve surely been left with that powerless feeling, a little voice in the back of your mind that says, “Isn’t there something more I can do?”

Yes, there is!

It’s Not a Numbers Game – It’s a Funnel Game!

What if we told you that you’ll never have to turn a client away again?

On the contrary, when you refer your clients to MOR Credit Advisors, you can have confidence that you are providing them real solutions to their credit issues.

We put our best efforts, years of experience, and tested strategies to work for your clients. Furthermore, sending them back to you with qualifying credit and a better grip on their own finances is our singular goal.

But beyond helping your clients improve their credit situation, with MOR Credit Advisors, you’ll gain a true business partner.


Increase in Business

The Value of Partnership

Partnership with us serves as an enhancement to both your customer service and sales funnel. Having the right partner to help your clients with their credit issues complements the services you provide, while also helping you maximize your return for each lead that you would have otherwise lost.

What’s more, partners are not just a source for leads. It isn’t just a numbers game. Rather, partners realize that helping each other, going the extra mile, is the best, lasting way to grow rapport and generate business.

That’s why we put real thought, time, and effort into our Partnership program. In fact, we intend to be your go-to resource for closing your challenging deals.

Errors Corrected

We have helped our clients remove over 75,000 errors on their credit report.

Clients Served

Over the past decade we have helped over 2,500 clients reach their credit goals.

Months or Less

On Average, our clients graduate our services in less than 6 months.


It all starts with one call with our professional advisors to start maximizing your credit

It All Starts With A Conversation.

Our Advisors are on hand to help guide you on how to achieve the best credit score possible.

The MOR Difference

MOR Credit Advisors is more than just a credit repair company. We work to become your true partner in retaining your clients and helping them achieve qualifying credit.

This includes clarifying the complexities of credit and credit scoring for both you and your clients. But we don’t stop there. Our full-service partnership program also includes:

  • Referral-multiplying strategies: we help you get referrals from the clients that you’ve referred to us
  • Expert insight into Underwriting Guidelines and how to help your clients reach them
  • Proven credit-building tools to help your clients establish new, positive credit
  • Personal, concierge-level customer service for you and your clients

There’s no substitute for high-quality service. If you believe that as much as we do, then we’d be proud to partner with you. And we’ll strive to show you that pride in the partnership services we’ll provide you.

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