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Our Credit Repair Services remove or correct inaccurate and unverifiable information on your credit report. Our investigation and dispute process will help resolve any issues plaguing your credit.

We Improve Your Credit by

Disputing Errors on Your Credit Report

Over 79% of the entire population of the United States has errors on their credit report according reports from the Federal Trade Commission. 36% of these errors are so detremental that are preventing consumers from obtaining financing. The errors on your credit report may be as small as 1 letter that completely changes an entire account status.

Errors on your credit report can drastically lower your credit scores. In many cases they are severe enough to stop you from buying a home or getting a decent interest rate on an auto loan. Now because of these errors, you are stuck losing money and missing the opportunities for achieving your financing goals. It can be incredibly frustrating to say the least.



We understand this frustration and will work with you to get your credit back in good standing by removing inaccurate and unverifiable accounts on your credit. Our proven system for investigating and disputing the inaccuracies has helped thousands of consumers across the United States improve their credit and qualify for financing, better interest rates, and lower fee’s. Here is how our Credit Repair Services work:

The MOR Credit Advisors Credit Repair Process

1 to 2 Business Days

The Credit Audit

The first step in repairing your credit is to complete your Credit Audit. During the audit, we will identify the erroneous accounts to dispute and create your personalized plan to improve your credit.

2 to 3 Business Days

Dispute Process

Once the errors have been identified, we create and deliver your custom dispute letters for the Credit Bureaus to begin the process. These customized letters point out violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and more. In some cases, we request documentation to check the validity of the reported account.

30 to 45 Days

Dispute Results

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives the Credit Bureaus 30 to 45 days to respond to disputes. Once the investigation period is expired, we analyze the results and determine the next action. The results of your disputes are then logged in your Personal Credit Portal for you to review the results.

Repeat the Timeline

Escalating the Disputes

Any errors that are not corrected during the initial dispute will be escalated in the next round of dispute. During the escalation, we address your creditors directly and leverage the consumer protection laws to ensure maximum effectiveness. The timeline for the disputes and results are the same as the previous cycle.

We Do All This For You and

You Don’t Get Charged Unless We Get Results!

We are so confident in our ability, that we only charge for the errors that get removed or corrected. Whether you have 1 small collection, or multiple items to dispute, our services are a great fit for you. There is no risk – no monthly fees and best of all, you only pay for results!

Errors Corrected

We have helped our clients remove over 75,000 errors on their credit report.

Clients Served

Over the past decade we have helped over 2,500 clients reach their credit goals.

Months or Less

On Average, our clients graduate our services in less than 6 months.


It all starts with one call with our professional advisors to start maximizing your credit

It All Starts With A Conversation.

Our Advisors are on hand to help guide you on how to achieve the best credit score possible.

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What to Expect

  • Concierge Level Services
  • Your Own Personal Credit Advisor
  • Thorough Investigation of All Derogatory Items
  • Transparent Communication
  • No False Expectations or Promises
  • Professional Quality Work All Done for You
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Dispute with TransUnion, Experian, & Equifax
  • Disputes with Creditors
  • Online Tracking Through the Entire Process
  • And much more

We Have Successfully Removed

  • Late Payments
  • Collection Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Charge Offs
  • Repossessions
  • Tax Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgements
  • Incorrect Personal Information
  • Medical Collections
  • And much more